Dare to be a Daniel!

Dare to be a Daniel. The first time i heard this saying was year ago during a preaching. It's something that I always remember and it has always stuck with me. If you ask me what the topic was that evening, or anything else that was said, I would not know what to tell you. … Continue reading Dare to be a Daniel!


God’s Love (poem)

My love for you is unconditional My love for you was never temporal, There’s no time limit or condition I love and loved you without permission, From the foundations of the world you were on my mind You are chosen and peculiar, one of a kind. I love everything I put inside of you You … Continue reading God’s Love (poem)


  Inner Peace with God   'Lord give me all of you so that I can have a peace of mind'. -OW Dedicated to K.R. – Living testimony of God’s peace activated. Note – All scriptures are from a KJV bible. Define… Before we talk about “inner peace” it’s best if we first define what … Continue reading Peace.

Jeremiah 29:11 – An expected end !

At times the going gets so tough that we forget that God is in the midst of the situation. His intentions towards us are pure and good. No matter what we may think of ourselves, our what others may want us to believe, God always has the final say. The bible says that 'ye are … Continue reading Jeremiah 29:11 – An expected end !

The Beginning to a Beautiful end…

As a young Apostolic believer aged 21, I finally came to the realisation that I do not want to bury my talent/s (Matthew chapter 25) but increase it to the glory of God. I will use my blogs to write prayers, words of encouragement, poetry and input daily scriptures. We are not perfect but we … Continue reading The Beginning to a Beautiful end…